Working with LGBTQ+ Couples

At Susan Wakefield Mediation, I believe LGBTQ+ individuals are entitled to the same protections under the laws of Connecticut, especially when facing a divorce. No matter their situation, I ensure they are treated fairly in a safe environment. For LGBTQ+ couples facing a divorce in Connecticut, the first thing they need to know is that the rights and protections afforded under the family laws of the state apply to their divorce, as they do to all divorcing couples.

Issues To Discuss

Children-Related Concerns

During our initial consultation or mediation session, we will discuss issues relating to children, so the parties understand their legal rights as parents and guardians. This includes:

  • Child Support

  • Custody Concerns

  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Guardianship
  • Other Issues (When One of the Parties Is Not the Child’s Biological Parent)
  • Co-Parenting

Other Divorce-Related Concerns

  • Alimony Awards

  • Right to Retirement

  • Fair and Equitable Division of Assets

Dealing With Unfairness

From my years of experience working with LGBTQ+ couples, what I see most often is their fear of being treated differently. They are also afraid of not being afforded the same legal rights as other couples, whether it involves their children or assets.

Creating a Safe, Open, and Honest Environment

So, from the first meeting until the divorce is finalized, I make sure to create a friendly, comfortable, and safe environment. I want them to freely share their concerns and feel empowered. I also want to assure them they are going to have an open and honest process, and, ultimately, a settlement that addresses all their needs and concerns.

Recommending Other Experts

I am also a referral source if the couple is dealing with custody or other parenting issues that need more expertise than I can provide.

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Let’s Discuss Your Concerns

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